The brothers and co-founders of the company, Evan and Dave Austin, pilot the African Wings...

Come fly with us...

As we give you an adventure from the skies hanging over the African plains. African Wings flying safaris is the brainchild of brothers Evan and Dave Austin.
We know how challenging it can be for some to take the time off from their lives to experience the wonders of the bush that's why we have a variety of one-day trips. From the migrating herds of Antelope to the giant whales of the open sea, all can be experienced through African Wings.

We cater for all tastes. Our flights include breakfast, lunch and a game drive where you might be lucky enough to see the big five and other wild animals that roam these lands.

Before each safari, you will be advised on the relevant matters regarding health, local conditions, clothing requirements or discuss any special requirements you or your group may have.

Enjoy looking through our website and please contact us if you would like to receive more information.

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